Elisa's Catering, LLC

We don't just make food..

We make food BETTER!!

Meet The Chef:

Elisa Robinson

Born and raised in Trenton, NJ. Elisa loves to create plates and smiles through food. She comes from a family of chefs and entrepreneurs. There's nothing that makes her feel better than being in the kitchen, being able to express and grow her passion of food. Recently, overcoming a gastric bypass and having to live differently has taught her how to eat healthy and still feel the explosion of her taste buds. 


Our goal at Elisa's catering is making sure your needs and expectations are more than met. We support and serve our community. From volunteering to uplifting our community to major and minor events. We are here to serve you.



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Thurs - Sat: 9:30am - 10:30pm​​

Sunday: 3pm- 11pm

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